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Physics for Kids: Water, Mirrors, and Reflections


Water mirrors and reflections. An early physics exploration


My son is almost three and the two little ones who come to my house for daycare are two and a half and three. They are too young to understand the law of reflection but they are not too young to benefit from exposure to a simple exploration of reflection. As my son’s first teacher (thank you Mary Catherine from Fun-A-Day for reminding me of that) I am always looking for ways to build on his interests, nurture his curiosity, and introduce new concepts to him in playful and age appropriate ways. I believe that by giving him a broad range of experiences, both in the arts and in sciences, I am helping set the stage for a lifelong love of learning.


Introduction to Physics for Kids: Water, Mirrors, and Reflections


The kids and I headed outside with two small mirrors and a plastic storage container.  I showed them how the mirrors could be angled to catch sunlight and reflect it onto the birch trees at the edge of our lawn. Then I put the mirrors in the container and had the kids lean in to look at their reflections.

Next came the real fun! Any activity we do with water is always met with enthusiasm and this one was no exception. I gave the kids containers of water (empty pop/soda bottles, a spray bottle without the nozzle, and a little plastic cup) and instructed them to take turns pouring water on top of the mirrors.


water and mirror investigation


As they poured the water we talked about how funny and strange our distorted reflections looked.


Pouring water over mirrors and observing how ones reflection changes


After each container was emptied and the water became still we could easily see ourselves in the mirrors again.


Activity to explore reflections


Dandelions found their way into the container…


Exploring refelctions with water and mirrors


Peanut thought it would be neat to gently shake the container to make the water move. I love that he came up with this great idea to extend our investigation all on his own. We’ve been visiting a stream in our neighbourhood a lot lately and he’s been interested in the ripples that form on the surface of the water when he throws rocks in. I could see that he was drawing on his experiences at the stream while participating in this activity.


How does a reflection change when water moves over it


early exploration of the physics of reflections


Eventually the kids lost interest in peering at their reflections and our activity evolved into good old water play and scooping dandelions.


Prechooler Reflections Activity


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