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Simple Summer Fun: Swatting Bubbles

Swatting bubbles: a simple outdoor activity that is perfect for summer.

Swatting Bubbles! What a fun activity for energetic kids!

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We’re back with Day 2 of our Summer Play Days series. I’ve teamed up with some of my best blogging pals for 3 days of summer fun, learning, and creativity.  Have a look at the ocean cloud dough I wrote about yesterday and be sure to visit my series partners via the links at the bottom of this post.

We’ve been having a blast with bubbles the last few weeks. My son Peanut (age 4) loves chasing bubbles outside (what child doesn’t?!). This activity is a spin-off of that.

Bubble swatting! What a fun way to play with bubbles.

I picked up a couple of cute flower-shaped fly swatters at the dollar store recently, knowing that they’d be perfect for swatting bubbles (these hand-shaped fly swatters would be fun to use too). On a recent out-of-province family trip, I surprised Peanut and his cousin (also 4) with the swatters. We headed outside and I shot bubbles around the lawn with our bubble gun while the boys ran around swatting them.

This is a great outdoor activity for burning off a little energy!

Swatting bubbles. So fun!

Swatting bubbles. What a fun way to play with bubbles!

Bubble swatting! What a fun way to play with bubbles and get some energy out!
The fly swatters also make excellent props for hamming it up! 😉

Bubble swatting game. Simple summer fun.

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