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Spring Kids’ Craft: Sticks and Tissue Paper Blossoms

The last patches of snow have only just melted but that doesn’t mean I can’t have some bright and cheery spring blossoms on my kitchen table! Earlier this week we did a fun kids’ craft that resulted in this lovely arrangement of tissue paper blossoms.

Spring Blossoms made from sticks and tissue paper. A craft for kids.

How to Make Tissue Paper Blossoms:

We began by tearing apart tissue paper. This may have been the highlight of the whole activity for the little ones, who not only ripped the paper up but also jumped and stomped all over it. I could have ended the whole project right there!

Ripping and Stomping on Tissue Paper

Next we headed outside and collected sticks from the woods. I’ve been itching to put our water table to use again so that is where we set up our materials.

I gave the kiddos some glue and instructed them to squirt as much of it as they wanted into the water table. They were more than happy to oblige.

Squirting Glue in the Water Table

We then dumped the shredded tissue paper in and they used their hands to cover it in glue. I had wet wash cloths to keep their little hands from getting too sticky.

Tissue Paper and Glue in the Water Table

We used a combination of methods to attach the tissue paper to the sticks. My son (35 months) grabbed bunches of glue-covered tissue paper and squished it onto the sticks. The little girl who comes for daycare (28 months) was uncomfortable with the sticky tissue paper on her hands so she took a different approach. She began by delicately picking up individual scraps of paper and pressing them on her branch. When that didn’t work to her liking I helped her squeeze glue directly onto the branch. Meanwhile, the little boy I look after (35 months) was content to keep squirting glue into the water table.

Making Sticks and Tissue Paper Blossoms Outside


Making Tissue Paper Blossoms Outside

I put this activity together on a whim and in retrospect there are a couple of things I would do differently if I were to do this again. The sensation of tissue paper sticking to one’s hands is obviously not something every child welcomes. I would suggest applying glue to the sticks using a paint brush. Also, this activity is best done inside if there is any wind whatsoever. It was a beautiful calm day and our tissue paper was inside the water table, otherwise we would not have done this outside.

If you’d like to create a bouquet of tissue paper blossoms yourself (without the kids), you can find easy-to-follow tutorials here: Sew Craft Create and Good Housekeeping.

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