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Stamping with Acorn Caps

Stamping with acorn caps from My Nearest and Dearest blog.


Earlier this week the kiddos enjoyed a quick little process art activity using acorn caps as stamps. I placed a handful of acorn caps that we recently collected at the park along with a few dollops of acrylic paint onto an old enamelware plate. To build on the circle theme I cut out large circles from cardstock for the kids to stamp on.


Circle prints with acorn caps. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


I always enjoy observing the different approaches that these 3 little ones take when they’re participating in a creative activity. The youngest (age 2.5) stamped but also dragged the acorn caps short distances across her paper. The boys (both 3) mostly stamped but one preferred using one acorn cap at a time and the other took a two-handed, two-acorn cap approach.


Stamping with Acorn Caps at My Nearest and Dearest.



Process art with natural materials. Acorn caps as stamps.


All three liked swirling the acorn caps around the plate and mixing the colors.


Process art for toddlers and preschoolers. Using acorn caps as painting and stamping tools. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


Acorn Cap Print Making at My Nearest and Dearest blog.


A couple of their finished masterpieces:


Circle art using acorn caps as stamps. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


My Nearest and Dearest blog. Circle art with acorn cap stamps.


We love making art with things from nature. Have a look at our Nature Crafts category for more of our favourite creative projects.

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