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Snowy Pinecones Kids Craft

Welcome to Day 2 of Winter Play Days. I’m joining my friends at Fantastic Fun and LearningNothing if Not IntentionalFun-A-Day!Play Trains!, and Buggy and Buddy this week for some winter-themed play and crafting.

For my first post in this series I shared our Winter Forest Small World. Today I have a simple winter craft for kids or adults.

Snowy pinecones. A winter craft for kids or adults.

I’ve seen many versions of wintry, painted pinecones in magazines and online and love how they look. Although we’ve painted pinecones before, we’ve done so as a process based, sensory activity and not to use them as decorations.

My son is going on four now and really enjoys decorating for the seasons and holidays. I am still a firm believer in the value of process art for young children but I also think there’s room to have fun creating pretty things to display and take pride in.

Snowy pinecones kids craft. An easy winter decoration that kids and adults can make.

 Snowy Pinecones Craft

1. Prepare collected pinecones by “baking” them in the oven at 250 degrees for an hour. This will open the pinecones and kill any tiny insects that may be on them. And it will make your kitchen smell nice too. :)

2. Once the pinecones have cooled, apply acrylic paint to the tips (or to the entire thing. That would look great too!)

3. Sprinkle silver glitter on the still wet paint. Your child might want to roll his pinecone in glitter instead. Peanut did both methods.

4. Allow to dry. Display them in a bowl, hurricane lantern, or large vase. Or tie twine or ribbon around the ends and hang them on or beside the front door.

snowy pinecones kids craft

Winter pinecones craft for kids.
Wintry painted pinecones

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