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Snow Volcano!

Are you following our Winter Activities for Kids Pinterest board?

Have some colourful, bubbly fun in the snow by making an easy snow volcano. Your kids will have a blast taking a classic science experiment outdoors this winter.


Take a classic kids' science experiment outside this winter. How to make a snow volcano.


Peanut (age 4.5)  is very interested in volcanoes. He loves learning about them, painting pictures of them, building them, etc. etc. Earlier this winter he found a patch of snow that hadn’t yet melted and called me out to see the volcano he’d made with it. Inspiration struck when he showed me how he’d dug down into the top of the volcano to make a space for lava to come out.

“Let’s stick a jar in it and make an eruption”, I suggested.  I ran back in the house, dumped some baking soda in a mason jar and filled a plastic water pitcher with vinegar (tinted with red food colouring).

Here are the results.

 Snow Volcano!


How to make a snow volcano.


How to make a volcano in the snow. Take this classic kids' science experiment outside this winter!


Snow volcano! So cool!


Make a snow volcano. What a fun winter activity for the kids!


This is so cool. How to make a volcano in the snow.


The bright pink foam looked so neat oozing down the side of the volcano. “Just like real lava”, according to Peanut.


Winter science for kids. Make a snow volcano!


Make a snow volcano and then play with the colored snow. Fun!


While I had this post sitting in my draft folder, another snow volcano popped up in my Pinterest feed.  Have a look at how Science Sparks made their baking soda volcano here.

More Colourful Snow Fun

I’m always looking for new ways to play outside in the snow. If you are too, here’s another colourful activity we did outdoors last winter that your own kids will enjoy:

Colourful Fun in the Snow


Colourful Fun in the Snow. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


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