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Scrap Paper Christmas Wreath Craft

Scrap Paper Christmas Wreath Kids Craft

I was totally inspired when I saw a cute and easy Scrap Paper Stocking Craft from the fabulous No Time for Flashcards. I have a stash of leftover wrapping paper that I use for scrapbooking so I knew that we could do something similar.

I raided my craft supplies for wrapping paper scraps and bits of cardstock and Peanut and I set to work.

Scrap Paper Christmas Wreath Craft

  1. Cut out a wreath shape from cardboard. I used cracker and cereal boxes from our recycling bin. You can google wreath templates but I just traced around different size plates and glasses.
  2. Paint the plain side of the wreath. This was Peanut’s favorite step by far!
  3. Allow time to dry and then glue or tape small pieces of wrapping paper, cardstock, or construction paper on to the wreath. I cut the pieces with craft scissors to add a little fun detail and we used a glue stick to adhere them to the wreath.
  4. Add a bow or other embellishments. I cut out construction paper bows for our wreaths. You could also add stickers, glitter, buttons, etc.

Here’s Peanut working away:


Child painting Christmas Wreath


Child Painting Christmas Wreath craft


Even Mr. Potato Head got in on the crafting fun!



He got a little carried away though…



After nap, Peanut and I glued paper to the wreaths.


gluing Christmas wreath craft


I added the bows, wrote Peanut’s name and the date on the back and our little wreaths were ready to be displayed. :)

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