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Recycled Outdoor Music Station

Do you have an outdoor music station for your children or students? We had so much fun making ours and it sounds just lovely!
Outdoor Music Station for Kids Made from Recycled Materials


l’ve been excited to create an outdoor music station since seeing these ones by Growing a Jeweled Rose and Play Dr Mom. Last week Peanut and his friend (both turning three years old this month) helped me make what turned out to be a beautiful and musical addition to our outdoor play space. Although we worked on this project over the course of several days, it could easily be started and completed in an afternoon.


Painting Cans for Outdoor Music Station


Using acrylic paint, the boys and I painted cans and the rings from mason jar lids. The boys loved doing this. Painting three-dimensional objects is always a nice change from painting flat surfaces such as paper, canvas, or cardboard. It’s also a fine motor challenge for little ones as they figure out how best to hold and paint the objects at the same time.


Painting Cans and Jar Lids for Outdoor Music Station


After they dried, I coated them in Mod Podge. Later, using a hammer and nail I put a small hole in the top of each can. I enlisted the help of my little carpenter who was thrilled to have an opportunity to use his hammer and a real nail.

I threaded thin, fabric covered wire through the holes and tied jingle bells (purchased on sale after Christmas) on the end of the wire.

The photos below illustrate these steps. I love the little blue fingerprints on the inside of the can in the bottom left photo.


Recycled music station made from tin cans, jar lids, and jingle bells


I also tied the jar lids and some of the jingle bells onto pieces of wire.


Cans, jar lids, and bells Outdoor Music Station


I am so pleased with how our little project turned out. They look so pretty hanging in the woods and will provide a new element to our outdoor play. The kids can create great clanging and jingling sounds by banging the cans and jar lids with sticks.


Music Station Outdoors made from Recycled Materials


We have several projects planned this year for our backyard and surrounding woods. Stay tuned to see what we’ll do next! I promise that all will be economical and easily achievable. :)

In the meantime, please follow my Outdoor Play Spaces for Children Pinterest board. I have so many amazing ideas from around the web saved there!

UPDATE: I wrote about some of the best features of our outdoor play space in this post: How to Create Outdoor Play Spaces that Encourage Unstructured Play.

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