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Rainy Day Math Game

This easy-to-make math game is inspired by a rainy day…and perfect for playing on a rainy day! It’s a great way for your preschooler to practice number recognition, one-to-one correspondence, and patterning.

This math game is easy to make and fun to play. Great for practicing one-to-one correspondence and patterning.

I made this math game out of heavy cardstock, but you felt fans out there might want to make it for a felt board. It’s also a good activity for a busy bag.

Rainy Day Math Game

To Make:

  1. Cut out 10 clouds and number each from 1 to 10.
  2. Cut out raindrops in one color, or in several colors or shades to create more options for patterning. I made 30 raindrops in total. Tip: fold your cardstock to cut through 2 or more shapes at once

Rainy Day Math Game for preschoolers. Easy to make and fun to play.

 To Play:

Your child can play this math game alone, with a friend or with you. Playing with a partner provides an opportunity to practice turn-taking.

  1.  Shuffle the cloud cards. Begin the game by either turning the clouds upside down so that the numbers written on them cannot be seen, or have one person hold them.
  2. Ask your child to pick a cloud, turn it over and name the number.
  3. Place the cloud number side up and ask your child to put the matching number of raindrops under it.
  4. Repeat steps 1 to 3.

Make this Rainy Day Math game to help your preschooler practice number recognition, one-to-one correspondence and patterning.

As I mentioned above, this game can also be used for making patterns.

Rainy Day Math Game. A fun way to practice patterning.


  • Make a set using fewer numbers for a younger child. For an older child or one who has mastered 1 to 10, make more clouds or focus exclusively on the teens or twenties.
  • Use fewer or more colors based on how comfortable your child is with patterning.
  • Have your child cut the shapes herself.

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