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Pumpkin Fine Motor Activity

I have been waiting for a year to share this fine motor activity.  My son and his friend had a blast with this on October 30th of last year.  I remember they were at it for almost an hour (a good long time for a couple of 3 year olds!). It was such a hit that I think we’ll have to give it a go again this October.


Pumpkin fine motor activity. A fun fine motor skills activity using foam beads, golf tees, and pumpkins.


Materials (affiliate links provided):


Foam Beads

Golf Tees

Small Hammer


Pumpkin fine motor activity with foam beads and golf tees.


This activity  is a fun way for your toddler or preschooler to work on his fine motor skills. Peanut (now 4) has been using a real hammer since he was a toddler. If you’re not comfortable giving your child a hammer, a small rubber mallet or even a solid child’s hammer might also work. If you’re using softer pumpkins, your child may be able to simply push the golf tees in without using a tool.


Pumpkin fine motor activity. Use a hammer or a rubber mallet.


Fine motor activity for fall with pumpkins, foam beads, and golf tees.


What a fun fine motor activity for fall


I love the creative possibilities that this activity presents.  It’s completely open-ended and your child can take it in any direction he chooses, making patterns and designs, or using the materials for practicing math concepts.


Fine motor activity with a pumpkin, golf tees and foam beads.



Pumpkin fine motor activity with golf tees and foam beads



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