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Learning About Birds: Make a Pretend Bird’s Nest

We’re well into March and spring is just around the corner. We’re welcoming back the birds! We’ve done several play-based bird activities and crafts already. Today’s post is all about learning about birds in a playful and imaginative way.

Learning about birds. kids activity to make a pretend bids nest.

What we used:

  1. Ribbon, string, thread, thin strips of fabric
  2. Small sticks
  3. Raffia
  4. Craft feathers
  5. Fake Birds. Ours came second-hand from my crafty aunt. You could certainly use toy birds.
  6. A container to house your nest.

I propped up a book about birds and using the images in that for reference, Peanut quickly created his bird’s nest. He spent the majority of his time with this activity playing with the birds. He inspected them closely and carefully arranged them in the nest.

making a pretend birds next kids activity


Bird Activity - making a nest


Playing with a pretend bird's nest

We talked about how some birds fly away to warmer places for the winter but will soon be back. We also talked about how mama birds feed their young.

Peanut added a pinecone because he felt that the birds might like to have that in their nest. He then pushed the container around the room for awhile and continued to play with the birds on and off for the afternoon.

This little activity was so easy to put together and it provided a perfect opportunity to learn about birds and have some creative and imaginative fun at the same time.

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