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Personalised Acorn Christmas Ornaments

This is what I get up to when I should be cleaning the house..

DIY personalised acorn Christmas ornaments. My Nearest and Dearest blog.

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How I made these acorn ornaments:

I painted white acrylic paint on the acorns and gold acrylic paint on the acorn caps. After allowing the acorns to dry I coated the caps in Mod Podge and sprinkled gold glitter on them. Then I applied alphabet stickers to the acorns and sealed them with more Pod Podge. Letter stamps would work well as an alternative to the stickers.

I’ve been liking a rustic look lately so I tied twine around the top of each acorn so that they can be hung from the Christmas tree. Ribbon would also be a good choice.

Kind of cute, huh? The initials are those of my son and two youngest nephews. So Lucy, now you know what part of your Christmas gift is. 😉

Painting and drying the acorns can be a tedious process. Halfway through this project inspiration struck and I discovered that a cooling rack is the perfect tool to hold the acorns while they dry.

use a cooling rack to air dry painted acorns. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


I love crafting with natural materials. Recently I made these ornaments using some of our nature finds.

Beautiful Christmas ornaments using natural materials. My Nearest and Dearest.

My son and his friend (both age 3) made lovely wreaths with a subtle scent and hint of shimmer.

Scented wreath ornament Christmas craft for kids. These make a beautiful decoration and a keepsake. My Nearest and Dearest blog.

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