Lemon Sensory Sink

This lemon sensory sink is the perfect activity for days when it’s too cold to play with water outside. It smells wonderful and will really engage your little one.
Lemon Sensory water activityThere is something about playing with water that is irresistible to young children. In the warmer months it’s easy to incorporate water play into your child’s day. Do it outside and your little one can get as wet as he/she wants.

It’s a different story in the winter, however. Activities involving water (or any other wet materials for that matter) have to be done inside and they require more planning and more clean-up. Enter the bathroom sink!

My son loves standing on his little stool and splashing around in the sink. Recently I took advantage of this and set up a sensory activity there that he really enjoyed.

Lemon Sensory Sink:

  • warm water
  • yellow food coloring
  • lemon juice (for scent and taste)
  • plastic toy lemons (or real ones of course!)
  • yellow pom poms (to build on the color theme and as an interesting textural element. Also fun to have your little one predict whether they will sink or float).
  • a plastic jug or pitcher, a plastic cup, measuring cups or any other tools for scooping and pouring.
  • ice cubes. Ours melted fairly quickly so I added some large clear gems from the Dollar Store.
  • towels for the floor

Lemon Sensory Activity in sink

Peanut spent his time at the sink making lemonade and pouring it into and out of the cup, pitcher, and ice cube tray. He also enjoyed squeezing the wet pom poms and scooping the real and fake ice cubes. Towards the end of his playtime he decided that the ice cube tray was a ladder for one of the lemons (Mr. Lemon) to climb to reach the top of the sink. I would never have thought to do that! What fun it is to watch his imagination at work.

I set this activity up for Peanut after supper. He was absorbed in it for a half hour and it was a lovely way for him calm down before bed.

See more sensory sinks on our Indoor Water Play page.

How do you do water play in the winter?

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  9. I love this! We do a lot of water play in the sink. It is one of the ways I keep the girls engaged while I am making dinner. I never thought to add some fun to it though! We’ll have to try this out. I think my oldest would also like to squeeze some of the real lemons and explore the inside. I bet your kitchen smelled great from the lemon scent, too!
    Shaunna @ Fantastic Fun and Learning recently posted…Cave Craft for Forest ThemeMy Profile

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