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Printmaking For Kids: Fern Prints

Printmaking with ferns art for kids


This coming weekend I’m going to the cottage with two dear friends for a scrapbooking overnighter. It’s been quite some time since I scrapbooked. This blog has become the place where I record memories and special moments with my son. I am really looking forward to dedicating an entire afternoon and evening to one of my favorite creative outlets. And needless to say, an overnight with friends and wine, and without kids is going to be fabulous!

What does any of this have to do with printmaking for kids? Well, it just so happens that the little guy who comes to my house for daycare is the son of one of the gals with whom I’ll be scrapbooking this weekend. I thought it would be neat to have the boys (both 3) create scrapbook paper that I and my friend could use in the albums we make of them.

I had planned on using a stamping technique that my super creative blogging friend, Sam from Thrive 360 Living had written a post about. After playing with ferns in an activity I set up for the kids earlier in the week, however, I knew that we could use them to make the perfect accent paper for some our scrapbook pages.

I do still intend on trying Sam’s Rolling Pin Stamps with the kids. What a fun activity that I know the kids would love!


Here’s how the kids made their lovely fern prints.

1. They began by pouring washable kids paint onto sheets of parchment paper. A tray or baking pan would also work, or your child could simply pour paint directly onto a vinyl tablecloth.


pouring paint


2. They then spread the paint around using paintbrushes. To make this a real sensory activity, encourage your child to use her hands to spread the paint.




3. Next the boys each placed a fern on top of their painted parchment paper. They pulled and wiggled the ferns around to get them completely covered on one side. This was probably the boys’ favorite step in the process. My son kept picking his fern up and smacking it back down onto the paint.


painting and printmaking with ferns


4. I then carefully placed their ferns painted side down onto pieces of 12×12 cardstock. Poster board would be a good substitution for cardstock (these would be gorgeous on canvas too!).


making prints with ferns


5. I gave the boys pieces of scrap cardboard to put over the ferns and had them press firmly on them.




6. They lifted the cardboard and the ferns et voila, we had beautiful prints.


fern print


Kid made fern print


fern print kids craft


printmaking for kids


For more arts and crafts for toddlers and preschoolers, please see our Let’s Create page. Two of my favorites are our recent Bird Window decorations and the Paint and Fabric Art on Canvas that my son and I did together. Or follow my Exploring Arts and Crafts Pinterest board for amazing projects and techniques to try with your young children.


Thanks for reading!


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