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Kids DIY Jingle Bell Bracelets and Anklets

Jingle Bell Bracelets and Anklets. A quick kids DIY. So much fun to dance and run around with these on! My Nearest and Dearest blog.For your convenience, this post contains affiliate links.

Ok, so I know that a quick Google search will turn up many variations of jingle bell bracelets. I’m not claiming these as my own invention. However, these were such a hit with my son and his friend that I just had to share them with you.

Jingle bell bracelets take less than a minute to make but offer hours of fun. That is not an exaggeration. The kiddos wore theirs, as anklets, for the entire day that we made them. They absolutely loved dancing, jumping, and running around with them on. At some point in the day, every day, we have either a dance party or play marching band (which is more like a wild, running band), or do both. These are perfect for both of those activities.

How to Make Jingle Bell Bracelets

The process of making these is pretty self-explanatory. Just thread a pipe cleaner (you’ll first want to cut off a quarter or third of it to better fit small wrists and ankles) through several jingle bells. Then twist the ends together et voila! You’ll be singing Jingle Bells in no time! 😉

If you’re concerned about the sharp ends of the pipe cleaner poking into your child’s skin, here’s something I’d suggest doing before you put the bracelet or anklet on. Fold the ends (just 1/4 of an inch or so) onto itself. This will create a tip that is not quite so sharp.

Jingle Bracelets and anklets Kids DIY. Great for fine motor skills and so much fun to wear! My Nearest and Dearest blog.

Making jingle bell bracelets is great fine motor practice and can also be a quick lesson in patterning.

DIY for Kids. Jingle Bracelets and anklets. These are so much fun for kids to wear while they dance and jump around. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


Kids DIY musical jingle bell anklets. These are quick to make and kids love them. My Nearest and Dearest blog.

You can buy jingle bells on Amazon and at craft stores such as Michaels, which is where I bought the ones shown in this post. If you can wait though, I’d recommend looking for them in holiday clearance sections after Christmas. I bought a fairly large package of them for just a couple of bucks at Walmart last January.

DIY jingle bracelets or anklets. Kids love dancing around with these on their wrists and anklets. My Nearest and Dearest blog.In case you missed it, see how we made an outdoor music station with jingle bells and recyclables last spring.

 DIY Outdoor Music Station


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