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Four Hearts a Two-Year Old Can Make

Four heart crafts for two-year olds


We’re feeling the love around here and showing it by making hearts using some of our favourite crafting techniques (glitter glue, anyone?). The three large hearts above were made by my son, Peanut (32 months) and the smaller ones were made by my two daycare charges (age 26 months and 32 months).

Here’s how we made them, starting from the top-left corner in the photo collage above:

Scrap Yarn and Ribbon Heart: We made this using the same method as our Yarn & Ribbon Mitten Craft. I gave my son a small container of pink paint, some glitter glue, a paint brush and bits of yarn and ribbon (a great way to use up pieces left over from other projects). He squeezed glue onto the construction paper heart and spread it around with his paint covered paint brush. Then he dumped the ribbon and yarn on the heart. Most two-year olds have a heavy hand with paint and glue but if not, encourage them to add more on top of the ribbon and yarn to ensure everything sticks to the paper.

Quick and Easy Crayon and Sticker Hearts: Simple Valentine’s Day decorations that can be created by children age one and up.

Mesh Print Heart: Recently Peanut and I had fun creating prints with mesh. For an explanation of how we did it, please see Print Making with Mesh. I cut this heart out of one of our creations.

Paint and Tissue Paper Heart. Our Tissue Paper Snow Paint was the inspiration behind this heart. Again, Peanut used a paint brush to apply pink paint and glitter glue to a paper heart. He stuck pieces of torn tissue paper on top. Surprisingly, he used it sparingly and only applied it to one side of the heart, which I think looks quite pretty.


valentine craft tissue paper paint glitter glue


And there you have it. We’re all set for February 14th!



P.S. Did you see our Valentine Sensory Sink? So fun for a toddler!

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