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Family Bonding: Simple Ways to Connect as a Family

Was one of your New Years resolutions to make more time for your family? Do you feel like you shuttle the kids from one activity to the next with no time to chat, let alone connect, in between? Maybe you feel like your family spends more time squabbling than having fun together.

Whatever your reason for wanting to make family time a priority, I’ve got you covered. I’ve scoured the world of kids’ activities blogs and parenting websites, as well as my own archives, to bring you this list of simple and inexpensive ways to promote family bonding. No trip to Disney World required!

Over 30 inexpensive and easy ways to connect as a family. These are things you can do today to promote family bonding.

Play Outside:

Leave the gadgets in the house or car and get active outside. In my opinion, nothing beats acting like a kid, with your kid, outside. Go sledding, do cartwheels, shoot some hoops. Let loose and have fun! In need of some motivation to get out there?  Find it in my post, 10 Reasons to Play Outside With Your Kids This Winter.

Bond Over Books:

I love the idea of a Family Reading Party like Heather from Rhythm of the Home writes about.

Or how about a Family Dinner Book Club? Growing Book by Book, Enchanted Homeschooling Mom, and Daisy at Home have launched a 12 part series this month with book suggestions plus menus, activities, and crafts to go along with them.

Bond Over Food:

Involving your children in meal and snack preparation is a wonderful opportunity for bonding. My son and I love baking together.

Bond at the table and help instill values in your children with Mealtime Moments: Printable Activity Cards to Build Character at the Table from Moments A Day.

Tackle a Project Together:

Put your thinking caps on and work together on a project, such as this very cool Life-Sized Magnetic Robot from Fun at Home With Kids or these DIY Wooden Toy Castles for Trains from Play Trains.

Share a Passion:

My husband plays the guitar on an almost daily basis at home. Our son gets a huge smile on his face and automatically reaches for his instruments every time my husband gets out his guitar case. Then we dance. :)

My sister, Lucy really enjoys gardening and her oldest son (almost 4) is himself a budding gardener. Check out her post Gardening with Kids: Sharing a Passion (she has some good tips for involving little ones in the garden).

Try (or Learn) Something New:

The family that learns together stays together! Try something with your family that none of you have done before. It needn’t be elaborate or expensive. Sarah from How Wee Learn has an excellent example of this in her post Exploring the Sense of Taste.

Plan a Family Date Night:

Find some great ideas in this post from Everyday Family: 4 Fun Family Date Night Ideas.

And check out this Daddy Daughter Date Jar from Ticia of Adventures in Mommydom for inspiration.

Shake Up Your Routine:

Occasionally making a small, simple change to your family’s everyday routine can have a big impact and help bring everyone together.

Impromptu picnics are always a fun way to liven up lunch or snack time. Here’s one that is really easy and loads of fun for toddlers and preschoolers: Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

Go Explore Nature puts a fun spin on an after dinner walk with their Glow Stick Walk and does dessert a bit differently with a Backyard Campfire.

Tell Your Story:

Talk about your day, share stories from your past, reminisce about a favourite family trip, or look at photo albums together.

Melissa of Fireflies and Mudpies has a beautiful post detailing A Special Way to Connect with Your Child.

Stephanie of Twodaloo shows how you can Use a Family Chalkboard to Build Language and help your young child share highlights of her day with family members.

Create art, side-by-side:

I fully admit that I’m often bustling around the kitchen, trying to check things off my to do list while my son is working on an art or craft project at the table. When I take the time to sit beside him and join in the creative process however, I am often rewarded with the chance to really connect with him in a calm, relaxed way. You can read more about that in my post Paint and Fabric on Canvas: An Art Activity for Parent and Child.

Chelsey of Buggy and Buddy also finds creating alongside her daughter to be a special time. Read about their ongoing creative journey in her post Art Journals for Kids.

Make Your Own Family Rituals and Traditions:

Every family has at least one silly little game or ritual they play. Maybe your kids came up with it together or its something you did with your parents growing up. My son and I have “the flying angel”, a trick in which I lie on my back and hold him up in the air by my feet. My father did this same trick with me and my sisters when we were kids.

Shaunna of Fantastic Fun and Learning shares some of her family’s simple play rituals in her post Flashlight Party: Family Playtime.

Birthdays are a great opportunity to embrace family traditions. B-Inspired Mama has an excellent list of 20 Kids Birthday Traditions.

Maintain a Connection with a Family Member Who is Away from Home: 

Yes, you could Skype, or you could try something just a bit more special, like these Magic Love Notes: Secret Messages for Kids When a Parent is Away from Happily Ever Mom.

Encourage Sibling Bonding:

I only have one child so I have no advice on how to get your kids to play together nicely. If we’re ever blessed with another little one, I’ll be re-reading this great post from Mama Smiles: Baby Play with Siblings: Baby School as well as this one from Happily Ever Mom: 10 Ways to Engage Siblings in Play with Household Items.

Enjoy the Little Moments:

Rebekah of The Golden Gleam shares how she starts her day in a loving way with her post The Best 5 Minutes a Day.

Laughter is such an easy but powerful way to foster connection. Fireflies and Mudpies has some great ideas to Make ‘Em Laugh.

Take a moment to reconnect with your little ones and reset a bad day with The Hug Jar from Homegrown Friends.

Write Love Notes to your kids, detailing the everyday things they do and say that make you smile. What a sweet idea from Rachael of Nothing if Not Intentional.

Over 30 simple ideas and activities to promote family bonding. My Nearest and Dearest blog.

All of these ideas and many more can be found on my Family Time Pinterest board.

How do you connect as a family?

Thanks for reading!


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