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20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations

I am so excited to bring you this collection of AMAZING Outdoor Music Stations. We made our recycled outdoor music station last year and are still enjoying it. Taking music out into the fresh air adds a whole new level of fun and exploration to outdoor play. Plus, making a music station/area can be a great hands-on creative activity for kids.

In this post you’ll find 20 inspiring DIY projects sure to make your outdoor play space irresistible. From banging walls to wind chimes to one cool music man, these outdoor music stations are the best, most original ideas I’ve seen (and I spend a lot of time looking at and pinning ideas related to outdoor play).


20 Amazing Outdoor Music Stations. From wind chimes, to banging walls, to a cool music man this post has SO much inspiration.


Above, L-R, beginning at the top:

Apartment Friendly Music Station from Suzy Homeschooler. Perfect for small spaces, or for those with neighbours in close range.

Recycled Outdoor Music Station from My Nearest and Dearest. Just as fun to make as it’s been to play with!

Outdoor Music Man from Let’s Play Music. This guy is hands-down the most unique take on an outdoor music station that I’ve come across.

Washer Windchimes from One Time Through. Even toddlers can help make this.

Xylophones and Outdoor Music from Child Central Station. I’m a bit envious of this one!

Sound Line from Let the Children Play. Their site offers a wealth of information when it comes to planning play spaces, both indoor and out, for children

Musical Spool Table from Mummy Musings and Mayhem. I love how involved her girls were in making this. Another great blog for outdoor play space inspiration.

Another feature of Child Central Station’s space.

Rainbow Wind Chimes from Happy Hooligans (while you’re there be sure to check out the other wind chimes they’ve made)

Outdoor Sound Wall from Fun at Home with Kids. Lots of neat upcycled materials used.

Rockin’ Drum and Music Birthday Party from Sugar Aunts. What kid wouldn’t love to have a go at a drum like this. The post has many more ideas for music play.

Homemade Rainbow Xylophone from And Next Comes L. I love how bright and cheery this is!

More Fantastic Outdoor Music Stations:

Banging Wall at A Life Sustained

Build a Music Frame from irresistible Ideas for Play Based Learning

Outdoor Music Station Made with Spoons from Sun Hats & Wellie Boots

Music Wall from Fifth Wizardry

Simple Outdoor Music Play Area from Play Dr. Mom

Musical Tree from Adventures of Adam. I love what they used for the “tree”. So smart!

DIY Drums from Pot Lids from Playtivities.

Tin Can Backyard Band from Growing a Jeweled Rose


17 of the best outdoor music stations for kids. So many great ideas to improve your outdoor play space.


More Outdoor Play Space Inspiration

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