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Alphabet Construction Site: Letter Recognition Activity for Preschoolers

Alphabet Construction site from My Nearest and Dearest. A fun way to practice letter recognition as well as work on fine motor skills and engage in pretend play.

My son and the little boy I look after are almost 3 and a half (where does the time go?!). The little girl I watch will be 3 in a few months. They all love books. They enjoy having me read to them, they like to flip through books themselves, and lately they’ve been “reading” to each other, which is beyond adorable.

My son is learning how to spell his name and likes to see it prominently featured on the fridge (ending with the number 3, since that’s “his number”) using our alphabet magnets. He has even written some rudimentary letters representing his name in my notebook.

Our little girl friend is really interested in the alphabet. Throughout the day she’ll go to our alphabet chart and touch and say the letters. She likes to line up several letter magnets and declare that she’s spelled her name or one of the boys’ names.

Needless to say, it’s the perfect time to build on the kids’ enthusiasm for letters and words by providing them with FUN, play-based literacy activities.

I set up this alphabet construction site in our big play table (made last year by my husband using scrap wood left over from other projects). The table sits at one end of the kitchen and I change its contents weekly or bi-weekly depending on how engaged the kids are with the activity.

Here’s a look at the whole set up. I loosely used the concept of an alphabet construction site (construction is always a popular theme around here!).

Alphabet Construction Site. Play-based early literacy activity for toddlers and preschoolers. My Nearest and Dearest blog.


Alphabet Construction Site. Early literacy FUN from My Nearest and Dearest blog.

Besides having plenty of letters to push around and transport with the construction vehicles, this activity also includes a few extra elements to encourage letter recognition and also engage the hands and fingers in some fine motor work.

I put some of our wooden blocks on the table and stuck letter stickers on a few of them. An older child might make words with these. Since the focus for us was letter recognition, the stickers provided another way to play with letters and to identify them and talk about them while sticking them to the blocks and cans.

My son never tires of magnets so I included some cans that he painted and our magnetic fridge letters.

Alphabet Construction Site. Letter Recognition activity for toddlers and preschoolers.

Peanut went immediately for the painted cans and magnetic letters, which are a mix of upper and lowercase.

Painted tin cans and magnetic lettersThen he turned his attention to the little dumptruck and foam letters. This led to some great construction site pretend play.

Alphabet Construction Site for toddlers and preschoolers.

Next he grabbed his mini kitchen tongs and spent a long while picking up the magnetic letters and dropping them into one of the cans and the little dumpster.

Play based letter recognition and fine motor fun with an Alphabet Construction Site from My Nearest and Dearest blog.


Alphabet letters for letter recognition play

I loved seeing the pride on Peanut’s face when he found letters that he knew and then discovered that he could match them to the alphabet chart.

Letter Recognition and Fine Motor Activity from My Nearest and Dearest Blog.


Fine Motor Practice and Letter Recognition Activity from My Nearest and Dearest Blog.


Play based early literacy and fine motor activity from My Nearest and Dearest blog. Alphabet Construction Site


Alphabet Construction Site. Early Literacy Fun for Toddlers and Preschoolers.

Our alphabet construction site has been set up for five days now and I am so pleased that the kids have been enjoying it as much as they have. They’ve been identifying letters, practicing letter sounds (with my help) and finding the first letter of their own names and each others’ names. Peanut repeatedly shows me his “favorite” letter, D for Daddy, every time he finds it. :)

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